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Full display speed limit sign


LED variable speed limit signs are widely used in national highway, expressways, city streets, etc., can be changed at any time to display the speed limit values according to the actual situation, to remind the driver driving speed, thereby effectively guide traffic, promote traffic safety and improve road network transport capacity.


Glare-LED variable speed limit signs can be adjust the screen brightness automatically,adopt IP67 protection grade design, could display red, yellow, white three optioncolors.And cabinet dimensions and screen specifications could be customized according to customer’s demand (eg, a variety of digital hybrid, a combination of numbers and symbols)

Product Detail

Cabinet Material:

Aluminum /Iron Alloy and so on

Brightness Adjustment:

Manual/Auto brightness adjustment, 32levels

Average Power:


Viewing Distance:


Screen Size:

1500mm*1500mm*400 / 1000mm*1000mm*400mm

Net Weight:

Net weight of the whole screen <200Kg

1.The speed limit signs can be customized according to customer’s demand, including cabinet dimensions and screen specifications(eg, a variety of digital hybrid, a combination of numbers and symbols). The display speed can be switch freely.

2. Adopting  high-quality LED lights whose life span up to 10 years.Its lower light decay rate,high luminous efficiency and small viewing angle can meet the transportation requirements.

3. Waterproof rating IP65.

4. High brightness, up to 10000cd / m² or more, and brightness can be adjusted automatically  according to the environment or manually, to achieve energy-saving effect.

5. There are temperature and humidity acquisition function that could monitor real-time environmental conditions; LED error detection feature can detect and report dead pixels.

6. Displays information could be manage through remote or local operation.

The Structural Advantages

1. Cabinet with 1.5mm thick galvanized cold rolled sheet, the high-precision CNC machining, and ensure a high-strength, precision, smoothness and reliability requirements, as well as electrostatic spray process, and having anti-exposure, rain, snow, salt gas, dust, corrosion and other functions

2.Structural waterproofing, using self-clamping and sealing strip waterproof hose

3.Product is designed with elegant appearance

4.Spraying matte black paint on the surface,to resist light reflective, and corrosion

5. There are special weidmuller terminal connection and fixed wire line groove that make the inside of the cabinet tidy,which makes the maintenance more easily

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