Production Line
The factory owns over 50 workers in the production line. More than 1/2 of the workers are specialized workers that have at 3-years working experiences in the similar profession. The majority of the production is completed manually to ensure the quality and minimize the occurance of defected products.

R&D is our advantage and we can do any size/length/color lightbars, we can provide product design/ mold design/ injection/ assembly / packing /after-sale service for every customer. We are confident in our OEM/ODM ability since we have the backup from our independent moulding&injection department. We are capable of designing and manufacturing the product as long as the client informs us of the specific requirement.
Around 20 engineers are engaged in R&D for our company. They are devoted into improving the production technique and raising the manufacturing efficiency. Meanwhile, in the backup of our moulding and injection capability, we have improved product function and performance. Until now, our major product, LED light bar, has gone through several upgrades by optimizing the manufacturing technique and ameliorating the product performance. We can provide a comprehensive solution that covers the designing, mouldings, injections and fabrications. Cutting-edge technology and customization lie in the spirit of the company.  

In addition, we have introduced a series of laboratory devices to improve the product quality, including optical & electrical fast meter for LED, luminance colorimeter, LCR meter, etc.