Apr 11th, 2024

Many dramatic situations can be avoided simply with these 6 solutions:

1. Reduce blind spots

Blind spots can become the dread of drivers, an easy way to help you with your maneuvers is to install camera kits around your vehicle. Commonly known as backup cameras, they can be mounted on the sides of your vehicle as well as the front. There are also 360 ° systems that will recreate the view above the vehicle and the trajectory path.

2. Check that your tail lights are working properly

As the first communication tool between a truck and the vehicles that follow it, the rear light must be in perfect working order. It is compulsory for all vehicles to check the correct operation of the direction indicators. 

3. Light up your work area

Good lighting at dusk, night or indoors is essential to guarantee your safety and comfort. Multiple work lights around the vehicle will optimize illumination of the entire work area and improve visibility.

4. Adopt a flashing side marker lights

Flashing side marker lights are used to warn road users (cyclists or vehicles) of the semi-trailer's change of direction while they are in the danger zone on the side of the semi-trailer.

5. Be visible when parked

Install reflective stripes on the back and sides of your vehicles to be clearly visible at night, whether your vehicle is in motion or parked.

6. Signal your special transport with LED flash lights

Whether on an oversized convoy, special vehicles (recovery, priority), or forklifts, it is interesting to add LED flashing lights for better visibility. Commonly called directional flashing lights, they can be mounted in the grid, tailgates, surface, they are available in several colors (amber, blue or white).